Our story began in 2015 after I suffered a terrible knee injury playing rugby. The incident left me with a ruptured ACL and severely torn meniscus, while another family member broke their back in a skiing accident. After several operations and months of physiotherapy, I was back on my feet, but the pain of walking, let alone playing sports as I did before, became the next hurdle to overcome. Prescription painkillers would only temporarily mask the pain, and the side effects only created more problems.

After years of suffering, both physically and mentally, I discovered something that changed my life; CBD. The relief I felt was so overwhelming and I knew I had to share it with others. I left my career in finance to seek advice from my uncle, a biotechnology scientist and the smartest person I know. With his advice and help I founded Dr Watson® in 2018.

I am deeply honoured and grateful to say that Dr Watson® has since grown into an internationally recognised health and wellness brand providing cannabinoid and mushroom supplements to patients and customers in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan.

The Dr Watson® range was designed to bring calm and relief to people in the most natural and enjoyable ways. Whether it’s our potent broad spectrum Goodnight Oil, vegan CBD dark chocolate, or our patented medicinal hemp capsules, Dr Watson® guarantees the highest quality and efficacy - backed by science, made by nature.

We hope you enjoy!