The history of natural remedies spans millennia, rooted in the traditional healing practices of ancient civilizations. In todays age of prescription pain killers, mass anxiety and social media addictions we believe these secrets have been forgotten. Our passion is to rediscover & share natures secrets. Let’s begin...

In 2015, our journey began with a quest around the globe to discover natural ingredients that would form the essence of our products... We went to villages and spoke to the locals and discovered the history and lore around these natural ingredients!

The list extends beyond 50 natural ingredients and continues to grow, showcasing the richness and diversity of nature that defines our product offerings.

The Dr Watson® range was designed to Activate Life in people in the most natural and enjoyable ways. Whether it’s our potent broad spectrum Goodnight Oil, vegan CBD dark chocolate, or our patented medicinal hemp capsules, Dr Watson® guarantees the highest quality and efficacy.

We hope you enjoy!