Take a look through the Dr Watson Supply Chain

The man behind the brand

On the right you see our Chief Scientific advisor Dr Richard Watson and namesake of the brand. With his nephew, CEO & founder Sam Watson.

Dr Richard Watson is an agricultural research scientest with a keen interest in hemp. He is working with top legistlation officials in the US regarding the laws around hemp.

All extracts, ingredients, and production mandates are signed off by Dr Richard Watson.

Extraction facilties

Post harvest - the hemp plant is take to our partner extract facilties in Switzerland where all the good bits are taken from the plant to form a bespoke extract ready made to put into our products.

Dr Richard in our partner extraction facilties in the United States.

Here you see the liquid form of our bespoke extract before it cools and solidifies, ready to be blended into our unique products.

Abundant Labs NC - Extraction partner

On the Left is the slowly solidifying extract we use in our products you have come to know and love!

The Dried extract is now here in our UK labs ready to be blended with a mixture of ingredients to make up our products.

The extract being heated up & melted down one more time!

The end of the line - Our bespoke big hit liquid going into the devices, ready to be packed and ready for your enjoyment :)