"Our mission is not to just raise the standard for the industry, but to set it - by being the world leader in quality, consistency and traceability from seed to shelf."

Dr Watson is a global hemp company and the exclusive producer of Dr Watson products. We exist to be the most trusted and respected hemp brand in the world. This is reflected highly in flavour, effectiveness and production techniques used when making our entire range of products. 


"For the span of human history people have not only used plants to derive basic nutrients but have also used them in various ways to treat, prevent, and alleviate symptoms of many common diseases and ailments. As science has advanced our ability to identify the underlying agents of these benefits, plant-based therapies has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry."

Dr. Richard Watson

Our Core Values


If you don't have answers to your questions and queries from our site. We are an open book so if you have a questions that needs answering, we will answer it. You can always contact us at hello@drwatson.co.uk.


When you use Dr Watson products buying with confidence is what matters, you need to feel comfortable and have confidence in the product you use. So we do what we can to make this possible.


We are open about where all of our raw ingredients and materials come from around the world to make each and every final product, you can trace from the final product back to the first seed in the ground as to where each of the ingredients came from.


There are many phenomenal ways in which we can utilise hemp. Hemp Paper, Hemp plastic, Hemp Clothing, Soap, Rope, Fiber, Hemp Milk, Canvas, Carpet, Mulch, and even Hempcrete! Thats right there are businesses literally making concrete made from hemp.

It is easily one of the most diverse plants out there and we have only scratched the surface on how much we could use it. We believe hemp is the future, not only is it extremely diverse, but it is very environmentally friendly. It requires very little attention, water, pesticides etc to grow, and takes out more Carbon Dioxide out of the air than most plants. It is also 100% biodegradable. So you know if you are buying a product made from Hemp, then you are supporting an environmentally responsible product / company.