What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound from hemp. It was allegedly discovered around 1940 and is currently one of 113 discovered cannabinoids from hemp. It is said to account for over a third of the extract from the plant. The substance occurs naturally in hemp and is used in all of our products such as CBD oil, CBD Eliquids, Gummies, Capsules and topicals that many people are using as an addition to general wellness and lifestyle. Most importantly - CBD is not mind altering!

CBD, is a major component of hemp. It is a 'cousin' of various other plant extracts. Hemp plants are generally categorised (in the US and EU) as having higher levels of CBD than other cannabinoids.


What can CBD do for me?

Provided you are using CBD that is extracted from hemp correctly - CBD can release a sense of being, of comfort and support a healthy and active lifestyle. All of our products at Dr Watson CBD are made using CBD isolate or CBD broad spectrum distillate from hemp, so when you buy CBD oil online with us, you can be confident that it will work for you. Giving you that freedom and edge you've been looking for!

Where is CBD found in the plant? 

The plant extracts are mostly found in the flowers of matured hemp plants, and this is generally what is used to get the plant extracts. There is, however, low levels of CBD in the stalks and stems, but no more than a few percent. In certain jurisdictions CBD products can only be made using extracts from the stalk and stem of hemp.   

CBD has been the focus of scientific research and been known about for decades. But it only became widely known this century. In the early 2000s when GW pharmaceuticals started investing heavily into research and development of (now FDA approved) pharmaceutical medicines containing CBD. Around 2016 CBD hit the US and European markets, and since then the market for CBD products and the hype around CBD has continued to grow. It has become widely known to support and help you own your lifestyle!


How to take CBD!

There are numerous methods of taking CBD, which method is best for an individual is entirely up to preference. The most common form of taking CBD is via oil drops, closely followed by inhaling. Many people also commonly take CBD gummies, chocolates & Capsules!

Much depends on your lifestyle and what suits you! are you looking for that great nights rest, something to support you through your day? is there a niggle that just won't go away? Dr Watson CBD has options for being on the go and when you're just sitting back after a long stressful day at work!

People have also taken to using CBD skin care such as body lotions & face creams, and muscle balms to help soothe. High strength CBD oil supplements are a great addition to your diet for general lifestyle and wellness! Bare in mind finding the one that works for you best is a matter of personal preference and trial and error.

Varieties of CBD Extracts!

CBD Isolate

This is when a product is made using CBD that is Isolated from all other compounds in hemp, this is the only extract that is in the product. Our strong CBD Eliquids are made using CBD Isolate combined with natural flavours and hemp terpenes. Typically these products do not have hemp flavour but are more fruity and sweeter. 

Broad Spectrum CBD

This is when the product is made with more of a whole plant extract. There is a wider array of extracts used in the product, this gives a slightly more hempy flavour, it is said that products that are broad spectrum are generally more effective as more extracts work in conjunction together and create something called the "entourage effect". Dr Watson CBD GummiesCBD Oils, and Big Hit 50% Device are made using broad spectrum distillate.

Full Spectrum CBD

This is when extract includes CBD, terpenes, flavanoids and other compounds in hemp. Our full spectrum products contain distilled, purified extract which has been tested for regulatory compliance in the markets in which we operate. The Big Hit Vaporizer Pen is made with full spectrum hemp extract to give you maximum effect.