Dr Watson ® CBD products are always lab tested and verified as genuine CBD. It's part of our production and sourcing mandate, prescribed to us by our scientific advisor Dr Watson, PhD. 

Why do we test our products?

So you can buy CBD, Mushroom Nootropics and Adaptogens online with confidence and trust. We only make the best supplements to support your lifestyle, Goodnight Sleep, chill and unwind, relief, active life, and to help you feel better. 
When you buy CBD online you deserve to know that you are buying quality. That's why we make our lab certificates readily available for all of our customers to see.
With the CBD industry still nascent and largely rather unregulated there are many companies that have been products "CBD" products that actually contain little or rather no CBD in their products at all. When looking at ANY CBD brand page it is paramount for consumers to check out their lab certificates to show that they are a legitimate brand, with nothing to hide.
Dr Watson ® CBD supplements are made only with the highest quality ingredients supplied from certified US and Swiss based suppliers, and made with love and care in the UK.

  CBD Oils


       CBD GUMMIES & Hemp CBD Chocolate

      CBD Eliquids

       High Strength Eliquids


  • OG Kush Eliquid 25%
  • OG Kush Eliquid 50% 
  • Purple Haze Eliquid 25%
  • Purple Haze Eliquid 50%
  • Pineapple Express Eliquid 25%
  • Pineapple Express Eliquid 50%


         50% CBD Vape COA's
  • The BIG HIT 50% OG KUSH Device
  • The BIG HIT 50% Mint Device

           Mushroom Extract COA's