Longevity Vegan Mushroom Complex | Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake

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Longevity Mushroom complex is a bespoke blend of three potent Himalayan Mushroom extracts - Cordyceps, Chaga, & Maitake, designed to improve your energy levels, endurance, recovery, and immune system

Cordyceps can improve physical performance and cardiovascular function, as well as increase energy levels. 

Chaga and Maitake are a powerful combination designed to support your immune system, physical health and natural energy levels. As a daily supplement, Dr Watson Longevity Mushroom Complex is designed for the long run. 

  • 60 Capsules | 30 day supply 
  • 400mg Vegan capsules
  • Supports energy levels & immune system
  • The perfect supplement for your long term health plan 
  • Grown and manufactured in a GMP & ISO accredited locations

Did you Know? 

  • Fungi are genetically closer to humans than plants.
  • Fungi allow trees to talk to each other.
  • Fungi are the largest life form on earth! A single honey mushroom in Oregano is 3.5 miles wide and 2400 years old!