CBD x CBG Silver Haze Crumble with Terpenes | 1000mg Jar

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Pure Organic 1 gram crumble jar containing natural hemp distillate extract perfect for dabbing, dry hit or for those looking to get a little creative with their cooking!

  • 1 gram Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate Extract Jar 
  • Infused with approximately 4 % Super Silver Haze terpenes
  • Potent extract grown from organic Swiss based farms
  • Approximately 720mg CBD | 240mg CBG & 4% terpenes
  • Beautiful Aroma & ideal for dabbing, cooking & flavour experimenting


Why do people use hemp resin?

Although it is a rather different and not very common way for people to get their daily intake of CBD as such, it is something we suggest considering. It is a very effective way of consuming your CBD. With our silver haze crumble you literally have the purest form of hemp extract there is. People often choose dabbing their extracts as this method is clean, effective and pure.


What makes crumble considered to be 'pure'?

Hemp crumble is essentially the concentrates left over when all of the cannabinoid material has been removed from the plant. There are many methods of extraction, at Dr Watson we use C02 extraction method to break down the plant and to get the purest extract there is. When you use a rig for dabbing, you will get the very best out of your concentrate.


What are the uses of Crumble?

Other than the dabbing use, which we have already touched on. There are many uses of crumble when you have it in it's purest form. Some people have used it to make hemp scented candles, some use it for experimenting and cooking in foods for hemp flavoured dishes, or alternately you could even choose to make your own CBD liquid or CBD oil. With a little know how these can be quite a fun little way to use and experiment with this tasty & aromatic extract. 

If you are curious on how you could use the crumble yourself or want advice, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@drwatson.co.uk :).