BIG HIT Super Strength CBD / CBG Vape Pen

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Dr Watson's Big Hit, 500mg of broad spectrum CBD & CBG packed into our most powerful CBD vape pen device yet. 

This device can deliver up to 250 puffs of organic hemp extract vape liquid. It is disposable / recyclable and completely hassle free. 

Natural cannabis flavour and rich with natural cannabis terpenes that hint at Mango Kush and Candy Jack, the Big Hit is the only way for regular CBD vape users to consistently get results they are looking for. 

The Big Hit device is manufactured by the same company that makes Apple products, such as Iphones. 

Hemp extract used contains 83% CBD, 15% CBG, and natural hemp terpenes.

Each Big Hit contains roughly 40% CBD, 7% CBG, and a wide spectrum of natural cannabis terpenes derived directly from the plant, manufactured under cGMP. 

Tastes and hits like natural cannabis / hash without the high. 

This product is for people with sensitive brain chemistry. 



Q. What is CBG? 

A. CBG is short for cannabigerol, one of the many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Cannabigerol is the non-acidic form of cannabigerolic acid, which is the "stem cell" for many other cannabinoids; in other words, CBDa can turn into CBD, CBG, THC, CBC and so on. 

Q. What is the effect of CBG? 

THC and CBG are similar in that they both bind to the CB1 receptors, as opposed to CBD which binds to the CB2 receptors. 

Q. Can i use CBD for anxiety? 

A. We do not make any medical or health claims about CBD for anxiety or any other medical condition. Our products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should consult your physician if you have health issues. 

CBD vape is a great way to chill out with friends, and it is the safest and most legal way to vape cannabis in the UK. CBD and CBG do not have strongly psychoactive effects like THC, which gets you high.

Q. Can i use CBD for sleep? 

A. Many of our customers ask us about CBD for sleep. We do not claim that CBD helps with sleep or any other medical condition. Our products are for recreational use and are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health problem.