Big Hit 50 % CBD Vape Pen mit natürlichen Terpenen – von Dr. Watson


The most natural form of CBD


Dr Watson's Big Hit 50% CBD Vape Pen with Natural Terpenes offers powerful effects from the highest concentration available on the market. This premium vape pen is designed to give users a consistent, reliable experience with natural terpenes to enhance flavor and aroma. With 50% CBD, you can experience stronger effects in a fraction of the time.


500mg of full spectrum CBD & CBG and uplifting OG Kush natural plant-extracted terpenes packed into a rechargeable pen. 


The Big Hit Full Spectrum 50% CBD Vape Pen is an award winning product. Voted best of the CBD London show in 2020. It quickly became a phenomenon (a big hit) in the UK and Japan. Where it is enjoyed by thousands of happy customers every day.


  • 50% CBD Rechargeable Vape Pen |1ml of CBD Vape Liquid
  • 500mg | 50% full spectrum GMP certified hemp extract 
  • Organic Hemp farmed in Switzerland | 
  • Natural plant-extracted Terpenes and Flavinoids
  • Most Effective CBD vape pen in the UK



Remove device from pack and simply inhale on mouthpeice. No need to press a button. Device is recharchable if the battery dies. Take 3-4 puffs at a time and relax….

CBD Distillate, CBG, Terpenes, Propylene Glycol


Do not take if breast feeding or pregnant. Not for U18's.

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