Big Hit Vape Pen | 50% CBD & CBG | Full Spectrum


Introducing Dr Watson's brand new Big Hit 50% CBD Vape Pen - our most powerful CBD Vape Pen now available in the UK. 

With 500mg of full spectrum CBD & CBG and uplifting OG Kush terpenes packed into a rechargeable pen, our Big Hit is perfect for those looking for a strong and authentic CBD vaping experience. Whether you're dealing with hangxiety or just need to relax after a long day, our Big Hit pen has you covered.


  • 50% CBD x CBG Vape Pen
  • 1ml of Hemp vape Liquid
  • 500mg | 50% full spectrum GMP certified hemp extract 
  • Organic Hemp farmed in Switzerland  
  • Most Effective CBD vape pen in the UK
  • Natural Hemp Terpenes and Flavour
  • Award winning CBD vape 

View our Lab Certificate for our BIG HIT here