Lemon | New Zealand Manuka Honey Drops


At Dr Watson¬ģ we believe in the power of nature.¬†The origins of our brand are authentically New Zealand, and so is our premium Manuka Honey, sourced only from the country's best Manuka bee keepers. A heritage product, made with love. We hope you love it too.¬†

Our 'Lemon' Manuka Honey Drops are perfect for soothing your sore throat or upset tummy, or to enjoy as a healthy delicious snack! 

  • Lemon flavour¬†
  • 20 Drops per box with 11% real Manuka Honey
  • Soothing, Calming & Wholesome
  • Supports General Health & Wellbeing
  • Suitable to enjoy when you have a sore throat or an upset stomach
  • Made in New Zealand

Available Flavours: Natural Honey with Propolis, Lemon, Ginger & Echinacea