Ginger & Echinacea | New Zealand Manuka Honey Drops


At Dr Watson® we believe in the power of nature. The origins of our brand are authentically New Zealand, and so is our premium Manuka Honey, sourced only from the country's best Manuka bee keepers. A heritage product, made with love. We hope you love it too. 

Our 'Ginger & Echinacea' Manuka Honey Drops are perfect for soothing your sore throat or upset tummy, or to enjoy as a healthy tasty snack! 

  • Ginger & Echinacea flavour
  • 20 Drops per box with 11% real Manuka Honey
  • Soothing, Calming & Wholesome
  • Supports General Health & Wellbeing
  • Suitable to enjoy when you have a sore throat or an upset stomach
  • Made in New Zealand

Available Flavours: Natural Honey with PropolisLemonGinger & Echinacea