CBD x CBG Hemp Oil | 1000mg & 2000mg | Broad Spectrum

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Natural flavoured, high potency CBD oil made from GMP-certified CBD distillate.

Our high-strength CBD oil is the result of following stringent guidelines set out by Dr Richard Watson.
  • Available in 1000mg & 2000mg Strengths
  • Made from Broad Spectrum Cannabis Extract
  • 15 ml per bottle
  • Grown in Switzerland, Made in the UK
  • Light Natural Hemp flavour

View Our Lab Certificates for our 1000mg Oil here & 2000mg Oil here

Simple, pure and potent.

Non-GMO and free from chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Made using broad spectrum distillate which includes CBD and other cannabinoids (zero THC).

INGREDIENTS: Coconut derived medium chain triglyceride (MCT), broad spectrum hemp oil, CBD, CBG.



Why Buy Cannabis Oil Online From Dr Watson?

There are many answers for that questions. But the most simple answer is that you can trust us. In the Cannabis industry in the UK there is a lot of talk about how products do not contain near the amount of CBD a brand claims is in their bottle. We do, for all of our products we have the batch tested and published on our certificates page, ready and available for our customers to view. So you can feel confident that you are getting what you paid for.

What Strengths of oil do you offer and what's the difference?

Currently, our CBD Hemp oil drops come in strengths of 1000mg and 2000mg. Which  are generally quite high strength and effective. The difference with strength is essentially the amount of cannabinoids that are within a single bottle, the more cannabinoids you find in a bottle the more effective a product is likely to be.

However, for those who are looking for something even stronger, keep an eye out for our 3000mg CBD oil that is to be released in the coming months. We dont waste our time with weak and ineffective products, soon you will be able to buy our 3000mg CBD Hemp oil online and from us here at Dr Watson, and in store.

How do I know where my CBD comes from?

We always suggest doing due diligence on a product before you buy it, we want our customers to feel secure and know what they are consuming. Transparency is one of our core values, without this, how do we get your trust. At Dr Watson we will tell you the full chain. And show you all of our Safety Data Sheets, Laboratory certificates and the like. But just so you know:

Our Broad Spectrum CBD CBG Distillate is grown and extracted in Switzerland & USA. These are grown on organic farms and extracted in GMP certified facilities. Only high quality ingredients are used to make best CBD supplements. Our end products are then blended and bottled here in the UK. 

Understanding the Basics: Why CBD Oil ?

Production and retailing of CBD Hemp oil online in the UK has progressed significantly in the last few years, as users are continuing to learn about the many uses and benefits of the cannabis plant. Broad and Full-spectrum products, in addition to their CBD content, possess a wide range of supportive phytochemicals. These include beneficial compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, omega acids, and of course, phytocannabinoids (like CBD). These all interact to increase the general efficacy of a product.

To Buy CBD Hemp Oil Online can be overwhelming, just search in google and you'll see the abundance of choice there is. At Dr Watson we try and keep it simple, Provide you with as much adequate information for you to learn about CBD and make an informed decision. Traipsing through retail stores with uninformed staff is a tough, we welcome questions to be asked at hello@drwatson.co.uk.

I've never tried CBD, so should I still Buy Cannabis Hemp Oil?

As the saying goes, you won't know until you try it. No one knows if it works for them individually until you try it. Nearly all of our customers report back to us that it has been very beneficial for whatever their intended use has been. We understand its an investment, but once you try it you'll see that it is smart one. At Dr Watson, we don't want you to Buy Cannabis Oil, not have it work and write it off as a gimmick, Which is why the lowest strength we offer is at least twice as strong as most CBD Brands lowest strength in the UK.

What does CBD Hemp Oil Taste like ?

From brand to brand the taste of CBD Hemp Oil can change, it entirely depends on the blend of a bottle, and what the bottle is made from. At Dr Watson CBD, we like to keep it simple,  we use broad spectrum distillate from Hemp combined with MCT Coconut Oil. Our oil is a light golden colour and has a natural cannabis flavour, light taste with some subtle earthiness. Unlike many other CBD oils, it is a very clean taste and not overpowering.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD and how does it differ from CBD Isolate?

In Dr Watson CBD Hemp Oil we use a broad spectrum distillate of hemp. This essentially means it is more of a whole plant extract, meaning there are other cannabinoids in our product than just CBD. It is thought that the general effectiveness of Cannabis based products is greater when more of a whole plant extract is used so that cannabinoids can work together.

Our Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains CBG and other cannabinoids. CBG is another cannabinoid from Hemp that is also getting attention and is said to have other general health and wellness properties.

If a product is made from CBD Isolate, the CBD compound has been extract into its pure form and the product is likely to have little to no cannabis taste. By itself it is considered to be less effective. However if you combine Isolate with natural cannabis terpenes (Like we do in our CBD Vape Liquids), it is thought that they can have a greater effect as they work synergistically.

Will CBD get me High ?

No, although our product is made from more of a whole plant extract, any THC (the mind altering component) is removed from our Hemp Distillate before being put into our products. Rest assured, you will not feel high.

Can I Use CBD oil for Anxiety?

CBD oil for Anxiety is one of the most commonly searched terms on google, and although many of our customers have reported better general wellness, we are not able to make any such claims, these products are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any illnesses or ailment. 

CBD oil for Sleep?

Ditto for this. CBD for sleep is a frequently searched term, however we do not claim that our products treat, diagnose or cure any sleep issues or disorders. Please seek help from your GP if you feel sick or unwell.

Still unsure if to Buy CBD Oil?

We love to hear from our customers or people or people looking at CBD as an option. We believe in the power that this plant has and are happy to try and answer any questions you may have for us. Please reach out to us on our contact page if you have any further queries or email us at hello@drwatson.co.uk