Melt x DrW CBD Dark Chocolate | 400mg CBD | Vegan Friendly


Soothing & Rich high strength CBD Dark Chocolate made in collaboration with Notting Hill's award winning chocolateers Melt. 

The perfect CBD snack to bring you calm when you're on-the-go. 

Ideal to use in your home baking recipes - cookies, crumbles, brownies! 

  • Melt London are creators of world class, award-winning chocolate. 
  • Vegan Friendly Chocolate bar made with Ethically sourced Cocoa
  • Each bar contains the highest strength CBD dark chocolate combination, loaded with 400mg Hemp Extracted CBD.
  • Both Hemp and Chocolate are superfoods, high in nutritional value and health benefits, including serotonin (now we know why eating chocolate feels SO good).
  • Low Sugar Content. The higher the chocolate content the lower the sugar content. This bar contains 70% chocolate solids and 27% sugar.

Warnings: May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, gluten, dairy, sesame seeds.
Not recommended for pregnant women or children.
Each 90g bar contains 3 portions. Daily recommendation 1 – 2 portions.

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