CBD Capsules With Vitamin B12

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An exact dose of CBD with added vitamin B12, the ideal daily supplement.

20mg of pure CBD infused with the recommended daily allowance of vitamin B12, which supports energy levels and helps you maintain your health.

  • 30 capsules per container
  • 20mg per capsule / 600 per container
  • Supplemented with Vitamin B-12
  • Flavourless & easy to swallow
  • Measured dosing

View Our Lab Certificate for our CBD Capsules here

Convenience and precise dosing with this ideal daily supplement.

Swiss made, GMP-certified, non-GMO and free from chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

INGREDIENTS: Shell (gelatine, glycerine, water), hempseed oil from European organic cultivation, pure CBD, vitamin B12.


Why Buy CBD Capsules?

The main reason our customers buy CBD capsule supplements is because it is a simple, hassle free way to intake your daily dose of CBD. Each capsule is measured with an easy 20mg dosage so you always know exactly how much you are putting in your body. This is unlike other ways of taking CBD where it is hard to get a gauge on what dose you are taking - with oils or vaping its very hard to know what the intake is or can be a pain to figure out. The best CBD Eliquids in the UK can be a high strength but you really don't know what you're taking in with each puff, and it is a pain to try and figure it out. 

The second main reason people love Dr Watson CBD capsules is because sometimes people just do not like the natural taste of hemp, it's not for everyone, and neither is vaping. When taking CBD Hemp Capsule supplements, all you're going to taste is the choice of liquid you choose to swallow the capsules with. It is akin to taking paracetamol or vitamin supplements in terms of just taking with water or the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning.

What are in my CBD Capsules?

Our CBD Hemp capsules contains 20mg of CBD made from organically grown industrial hemp. On top of taking CBD for general wellness and balance, our Hemp Capsules also contain Vitamin B12 - which is a vitamin that has been known for support red blood cell formation and other general health and wellness benefits. So as well as getting your daily measured dose of CBD, you are getting one of your daily recommended vitamins too. 

Where are my CBD Capsules Made?

Our CBD Capsules are made using Organically farms hemp grown in Switzerland, the extraction process and manufacture of the capsules are also in  fully accredited ISO GMP facilities in Switzerland. With the Swiss being pioneers and and renowned leaders in manufacturing of goods, mainly in the pharmaceutical and health sectors, we know our CBD Capsules, CBD face cream, and body lotions are made with care and dedication from some of Switzerlands top facilities.

Can I use CBD Capsules for Anxiety?

CBD for anxiety is one of the most searched terms in google, and although we believe in our products 100%, Our products are categorically NOT designed to treat, diagnose or cure any illnesses or ailments. 

Can I use CBD Capsules for sleep?

Although many of our customers report better general wellness and sleep cycle, we must reiterate that. Our products are NOT designed to treat, diagnose or cure any illnesses or ailments. 

What makes Dr Watson CBD Capsules better than others?

The main reason we know our capsules have greater efficacy than others because we know where the CBD comes from, who grows it, who & where it is made and because our customers tell us so. All of our products are made with quality and care in GMP certified manufacturing facilities, so you will always be getting what you are being sold.