Why Hemp CBD Oil is Best Served in Coconut MCT Oil

Why Hemp CBD Oil is Best Served in Coconut MCT Oil



What is MCT?


MCT is short for medium-chain triglycerides, a term which includes a wide range of fatty acids made primarily from coconut fruits (it can also be made from palm fruits, but we advise against buying anything made with palm oil given its disastrous environmental impact).


What does MCT have to do with CBD?


MCT is the most common carrier oil used in the CBD industry and is used for CBD extracts, hemp CBD oil tinctures, CBD oil, and sometimes even CBD vape pens.  Dr Watson CBD products are palm oil free; the only MCT oil we use is derived from coconuts.


Can you vape MCT oil in CBD vape?


An important thing to note is that MCT should NEVER be used in CBD vape oil, CBD vape or CBD e-liquids. We advise consumers not to buy vape products made with MCT; PG and VG, or propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol, are water-soluble vape solvents and much more suitable for inhalation. The problem with vaping MCT is in the nature of triglycerides: They are a form of lipid or fat. The human lung is made of 70% water, and fats do not dissolve easily in water. And so, vaping MCT (or other fat-based solvents) in CBD vape can cause lipoid pneumonia!


Bottom line – check the ingredients and ONLY buy and CBD vape products online that contain NO MCT.


Are hemp CBD oil, CBD oil, and CBD tinctures products made using MCT safe?


Coconut oil based tinctures and oral cbd supplements are Coconut oil MCT typically contains capryilic and capric triglycerides, which are healthy and safe to digest, and are an essential part of the human diet. It is important to verify that the MCT oil used is actually from coconuts.


Is MCT oil the best option for CBD, CBD hemp oil and tincture products. Or are there better options?


Just because most CBD products online are made using MCT oil does not mean it is the best option! Other options include hemp seed oil and Flaxseed oil, which are both high in Omega 3 and 6; avocado oil, which is rich in vitamin D; primrose oil, which is high in GLA (gamma-linoleic acid, an essential amino acid). The downside is that most of these oils are more expensive, and CBD hemp oil is already rather pricey for the average consumer. Moreover, coconut MCT oil has almost no taste, while most other oils do.


The bottom line – try buy organic hemp CBD products using natural ingredients from brands that are open and transparent about ingredients and sourcing.