Why Golden CBD oil trumps all


Many CBD oils undergo a process which get it to that nice light golden colour that you might associate with a glistening sunset in the Mediterranean. There are thousands of products out there some of which can range from dark swampy green to that Golden CBD oil colour that is generally considered the high-end stuff. In this quick blog we take a look at why the lighter golden shade of CBD oil online is the stuff to target!


What colour ranges of CBD oil can you get?


As mentioned above. It can be dark to almost black, to swampy green/ brown. The more refinement it goes through the lighter shade it will become and should eventually end up towards toward that golden and sometimes even transparent oil.


So, what does a lighter Golden CBD oil mean for your product?

Lets look at 5 different pointers that make a golden CBD oil better

It’s better for you - While it is not always this black and white that lighter = better. It does hold some important health and wellness benefits that a dark / black CBD oil might not possess. The golden oils have gone through a more stringent refinement process which in turn means that the levels of purity are higher, and contain much more of the preferred cannabinoids, terpenes and flavour that one looks for in their golden CBD oil.

The refinement process often means that excess plant matter, waxes and unwanted ingredients have been separated from the important cannabinoids that one is looking for. It is thought that there can be some side effects of unfiltered or unrefined hemp extracts. These could potentially be dry mouth, headache or nausea.


Little to Zero THC – While this can be viewed as a positive or a negative depending on who you are. Most people that take CBD are trying to avoid THC as they want the calm without the high. THC is the active compound in cannabis that can cause the high. Though it is thought that some levels of THC without being too much can actually contribute to the efficacy of a CBD product. While it is understood that some people want to avoid it at all costs due to work drug testing, small amounts within the legal limit (1mg per container) could be beneficial. With golden CBD oils you get much smaller negligible THC levels, compared to the darker cruder oils where the extract is a lot less refined.

Better smell & Taste – the taste and flavour of CBD oils is a tricky one, as generally it is a very subjective topic. However, it can certainly be agreed that palatable is better. The general consensus is that the rawer darker crude hemp CBD oil extracts have a rather vile taste and are actually almost unpalatable. Blacker CBD oils have a much earthier, bitter, and lingering taste.

Due to the distillation process that is involved with making the lighter-coloured oils, it creates a much lighter flavour which often contains terpenes and MCT oil as a carrier oil to lighten it up along with a much nicer aroma! The care and effort gone into making a lighter CBD oil shows in its taste!

A more consistent blend & high CBD content – When you are using a more refined extract that has gone through a process to get there, you are getting much more of just the desired cannabinoid (CBD). Due to technology innovations in the industry, we are now able to get an extract to yield almost the exact number of cannabinoids or CBD to a consistency that is near perfect. The golden extracts mean it has gone through that process and you are much likely to be getting what is advertised on a label J.

The dark crude extracts have not gone through a refinement process, and with each plant growing differently every bottle can yield a different amount of any particular cannabinoid! So, one bottle to the next may be different!

While the price tag of a refined product will be higher, you can rest assured knowing the CBD oil bought online will be of much higher quality, in taste, flavour & consistency!

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