What Is The Best Way to Take CBD?


In our previous article, we were able to discuss the simple factors to consider when purchasing CBD products. In this article, we shall look at how best to consume CBD effectively. If we must obtain the most from CBD vapes, CBD oils, hemp oils, hemp lotions, and many others, then we need to understand the best ways to consume each type of CBD product.

The ultimate aim of taking hemp products is to interact with the endocannabinoid system (CB1 and CB2) to produce the expected benefits and homeopathic effects.


CBD products are divided into three broad categories depending on the mode and route of administration. These methods include the following;

  1. CBD vapes:

This is one of the oldest methods of consuming cbd products. It involves inhaling the vapor from the whole plant or CBD e-liquid / CBD vape into the lungs to experience its benefits. CBD inhalants come in the form of e-liquids, juices, and vapes. Peradventure you are coming across this for the first time, then it is pertinent to note that CBD can be vaped hemp or vaporized from oil concentrates. In most cases, people who vape CBD do so for for the elating and calming feeling.


What are the pros and cons of  vaping CBD?

Apart from this major challenge, CBD vape offers the best bioavailability and absorption rates. Cannabinoids have a higher chance, when being inhaled directly into the lungs, of absorbing into the bloodstream from the alveoli of the lungs and then traveling to all parts of the body within minutes. This is the reason why the effects of CBD vapes and other inhalants are felt almost immediately. CBD inhalants offer a bioavailability of up to 60%, which is great; however, the fast absorption into the bloodstream does mean the effects are shorter-lived than taking CBD oil under the tongue. This means CBD vape is not the winner at providing sustained effect over a long period of time, unless consumed at regular intervals throughout the day.


  1. CBD Supplements (Edibles, CBD gummies, Tinctures, Hemp Oil)

This is the largest group of CBD products. It comprises of all CBD products administered orally or sublingually. This includes CBD gummies, CBD oil, (a.k.a hemp oil and CBD tinctures), CBD coffee, CBD honey sticks, and many more. Whatever you are looking for, CBD supplements are a very popular and easy was to get your daily dose of CBD with sustained delivery throughout the day.

Some classifications may divide CBD tinctures from CBD edibles since tinctures are administered by placing the CBD oil and hemp oil under the tongue (sublingual administration) for 30 seconds to one minute. CBD tinctures can offer a higher rate of absorption and bioavailability than edibles if help under the tongue for 30 seconds.


Pros and cons of CBD edibles

CBD edibles are subject to enzymatic activation known as first-pass metabolism. This is a situation where the CBD molecules are passed to the liver for activation. This reduces the bioavailability of the CBD product to about 13-19%.  Since edibles, such as hemp gummies, must pass through the digestive system and then absorbed by the liver, it may take up to 60 minutes before you feel the effects of the CBD product. The effect lasts from 4 to 6 hours, thus being an effective product over a sustained period of time . CBD tinctures, however, offer a shorter reaction time by making CBD available for biochemical activities just 30 minutes after ingestion. CBD tinctures offer a higher level of bioavailability 20-30%.


  1. CBD Topicals

This includes CBD and hemp oils, CBD lotion, hemp lotion, balms, cold patches, and other products applied directly to the affected area. Most topical CBD products are full-spectrum and contain a variety of compounds that supports skin health.

CBD topicals come in handy in maintaining external wellbeing such as the moisture of skin or post workout relief. Massaging hemp lotion or CBD body balm into your skin and muscles can stimulate blood flow to specific areas; however, since cannabinoids are fat-soluble molecules, they mostly accumulate in the skin surface and tissues. This may limit their level of penetration. To circumvent this challenge, CBD topicals are often delivered with penetration enhancers like ethosomes that can increase the penetration to about 45%. These ethosomes allow for the movement of compounds like CBD between cells by mimicking molecules that already exist in the body.

Which method of CBD administration is the best?

The choice of CBD product and mode of administration depends on the intended effect. CBD vapes and inhalants are great at providing instantaneous effects, but not everyone wants to vape. CBD edibles and tinctures are a great option for everyone, although the effects may be delayed.  

Bottom line

Pick a method that best suits you, then find a brand you like that sells that product. Refer to our article “How to buy CBD like a pro” to learn more about the details of buying CBD online and in stores.


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