What are the Strongest CBD Oils and Where Can You Buy It?

The rise of Cannabis


Oils, supplements, vapes & skincare products with Cannabis extracts in them have risen to prominence over the past half decade, in theme with the gradual loosening of restrictions and progressive viewpoints on cannabis taking place world-wide. Yes, we know there are still many countries that still view cannabis as a frightfully terrible drug and a gateway to harder drugs, with very severe punishments for possession in numerous countries such as Thailand, Morocco & a number of middle eastern countries to name a few.


However, a number of countries & states over many decades have slowly started viewing cannabis as nothing more harmful than a glass of wine in the evening for some. With nearly half of all US states making cannabis legal in some shape or form, even recreationally. While countries such a Canada & Uruguay making cannabis fully legal for those of age. Along with many others decriminalizing and making medicinal cannabis legal. For those interested, here is a Wikipedia list of countries and their status on cannabis




Cannabis based products


CBD oil has become the low hanging fruit for many with it being legal in many countries worldwide simply over the counter. CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis, it is now being used as an isolated compound in thousands of products for its alleged therapeutic effects but without the ‘high’ that THC gives you.


CBD works differently in every person, the same way alcohol does. Some people need very little for the effect, some need a lot, the size of the person also changes its efficacy along with many other mitigating factors. When people are looking for the product right for them, some of the key search terms people are CBD oil for anxiety, CBD for pain & CBD for Sleep. But often people just search for “high strength CBD Oils online” as they think the higher the strength the better. We are going to take a look through this and help provide a guide as to what ‘high strength CBD oil’ means, and how that can actually be quite vague.


Principles of Dr Watson


Dr Watson CBD products have a range to suit all, we have some CBD Isolate based products and Broad Spectrum / Full Spectrum CBD oils available online. While we do offer lower strength CBD products, our principle is to not go to a low point as to where we do not believe the product can have any reasonable desired effect. With our lowest strength CBD oil online being 1000mg, with many other brands starting at 250mg-500mg, in saying this, our 1000mg is also in line with pricing for most brands 500mg oils, giving much better value for money on products made with the highest quality extracts.


What constitutes a high strength CBD oil?


Many people just view a Strong CBD product based on the milligram dosage written on the packaging. But what might be a very high number may not be the best product for you. A high mg number on a bottle in black and white terms would be considered a high strength CBD oil, but that does not necessarily make a product strong or effective.


So what constitutes a ‘strong’ CBD oil?


In the UK & EU where regulations are coming into force this year regarding food supplement products such as CBD oils, Chocolates & Gummies. And because of the regulation and enforcement, many products that might have a very high MG dosage are now likely to become just a CBD Isolate based product if they weren’t already before. While this will generally avoid a hempy flavour which not everyone likes, a CBD isolate-based product is generally considered inferior to a Broad spectrum or a Full spectrum CBD Oil.


With broad or full spectrum products it means there is an array of Cannabinoids within the product, including but not limited to, CBG, CBC, and marginal amounts of THC. This is much more of a full plant extract which is thought to be much more effective than a product that only consists of the isolated compound.


Are these the same as an effective CBD oil?


Strong & High Strength CBD oils do not necessarily constitute what is the most effective for an individual, as touched upon in the previous paragraph, a 4000mg CBD oil made from CBD Isolate may not be as effective as a 2000mg CBD Oil that is made up from a selection of cannabinoids. Finding the most effective CBD oil is often a case of trial and error which can rely on the quality of extract & production as well as the numerical strength of the product.


How the FSA are limiting the strengths of Broad Spectrum CBD oils


Since regulation was first introduced a little over a year ago regarding CBD products as a “Novel Food”, there has been changes to way products can be made a limit to the type of products that are available using certain types of extracts. The law surrounding CBD products has always said that no container or single product of CBD can contain greater than 1mg of Controlled substances per container combined. This would include THC & CBN amongst others.


Before this regulation came into force, many brands would make package and label their produced essentially how they wished with very little holding to account of what is actually within a product. With companies being caught out having mislabelled products and greater than legal limits of controlled substances within a product. Sometime later in 2021, when the rules are into effect and authorities will have the ability to enforce regulation, only approved brands will legally be able to sell their products on the shelves of highstreets nation & Eu wide.


This has meant a number of brands finally having to restrict the strength and type of extract that could be used in a CBD product. Some brands that have normally used “Full spectrum” or “Broad Spectrum” CBD extract will now have switched to a CBD Isolate based product, in order to keep the numerically high strength CBD product on the market so they do not exceed the limit of controlled substances per container.


Some of the Highest Strength & Most Effective CBD Products on the Market

Buy CBD Oil Online in the UK, here are some of the highest strength products available.

Goodnight Broad Spectrum CBD Oil by Dr Watson


First on our list is our 20% Broad Spectrum CBD oil online with additional Chamomile, Peppermint, Gamma Aminobutyric Acid to help support a good night’s sleep. This product comes in a 20ml bottle designed to last longer than your average 10m bottle while still maintaining high dosage and strength.


Lazarus Naturals


6000mg in a 120ml bottle of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. This is a great high strength product in a larger-than-life bottle. Meaning the concentration won’t be as high, but you still get a lot of mg worth of cannabinoids.


NHS Full spectrum 20% CBD Oil


This full spectrum CBD Oil is locally made in Guernsey from organically grown hemp. 

Naturally sweetened with terpenes and blended in organic hemp seed oil to create an elevated all-hemp CBD health supplement. Full spectrum hemp extract with 2000mg CBD, 100% Natural ingredients & Infused with 'Pineapple Chunk' terpenes.




5000mg of Full Spectrum CBD in a 30ml bottle. This brand is US based and is known for high quality CBD products.

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