The claims made about CBD, & the Bizarre products that are currently available

The Claims made about CBD, & the bizarre products that are currently available


Touted as a possible solution for what feels like nearly everything under the sun, CBD oil’s benefits have been associated with everything from the believable to the outrageous. The benefits of CBD oil still do have a question mark over them, so in this piece we are going to look at what are some of the methodologies of consumption & benefits of hemp CBD, and if they are they legitimate?


It is important to note that at no point in this article are we making any medical or health claims in reference to ours or anyone else’s products. When you buy CBD oil online, its’ uses vary from person to person, and we have many anecdotal stories from consumers with regards to their intended uses.


So what is CBD oil allegedly good for? – The perspectives

CBD oil benefits – Customer feedback

The majority of full spectrum CBD oil products that people use for its benefits are mostly traded through health and wellness shops and are sold as standard food supplements or vapes. When you buy CBD online or in store, most people have referenced slightly more mundane reasons for using CBD oil than the ones mentioned below in the following section, though every bit as real. While some of the most searched terms in google are “CBD Oil for Anxiety”, “CBD Oil for pain” and “CBD oil for sleep”, below are some of the reasons some customers have cited first-hand about why they use CBD and what it does for them on a day-to-day basis.

Customers have cited post exercise benefits, supporting general calm and wellbeing, as well as a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. At Dr Watson CBD we also have a number of customers who speak of the benefits and the support of their mental state to go help through regular day to day stresses. If you would like to see some, please view our Trustpilot reviews!



CBD oil benefits – Health Providers positions


Please note – We do not make any health claims about CBD whatsoever, but are merely stating what is written on the NHS Website. We strongly recommend you seek a health professionals counsel if you have any medical condition.


Last year, the National Health Service (NHS) allowed patients to be prescribed “medical cannabis” for a few select conditions and under specific circumstances. The NHS website it states – “You cannot get cannabis-based medicine from a GP – it can only be prescribed by a specialist doctor”. According to pharmaceutical journal, only 18 prescriptions were given on the NHS in 2019. While prescriptions are near impossible to obtain, you can always buy full spectrum CBD Oil online as a simple food supplement.


Whether these products have been scientifically proven to help these conditions is up in the air, but there seems to be enough confidence that there is some sort of benefits of CBD products for the UK’s healthcare system to prescribe hemp-based alternatives.


The NHS website have suggested that these are some of the few ways to get a prescription without any guarantee at all:

  • your child has one of the rare forms of epilepsy that might be helped by medical cannabis
  • you have spasticity from MS and treatments for this are not helping
  • you have vomiting or feel sick from chemotherapy and anti-sickness treatments are not helping

Ultimately it seems like if nothing else works scenario.

CBD oil Benefits – The Bizarre          

What is CBD oil good for? Some might ask, and in response to these particular products listed below, I would say absolutely nothing. Since the slow rise to popularity, there have been many very good and effective products on the market, but some of these gimmicks below are surely just some companies trying to make a quick buck off some misleading advertising with a pointless product. To name a few:

CBD Toothpicks – allegedly it’s a way to take Full Spectrum CBD orally as you get stuck into your teeth after tonight’s dinner, The amount of people that use toothpicks these days is minimal in itself, some may calls this innovative, however, most would just call it pointless and a largely ineffective and laborious intake method.

CBD linen – No evidence there is any CBD on the product, and if there is, it would surely be off after one wash, how long are these supposed to last for or have CBD in them? Who are you more likely to raise your eyebrows at …?  The manufacturers that believe this might actually be in anyway remotely beneficial, or anyone naïve enough to buy the product.

CBD activewear – Supposedly gets in via your skin whilst wearing them and makes a workout more comfortable. Even if this was true, which it almost definitely isn’t. Again… what about after you wash them?

Most of these products mentioned are generally considered by industry professionals as damaging to its reputation and pushes down the legitimacy of CBD products that are there to actually provide a benefit to people. For people and genuine professionals trying to take the CBD and Cannabis space as a whole forward it can be very irksome.

So, With All the misleading information and sub-par gimmicks? What is right for me?

As we recommend to all readers, fans, passers-by & loyal customers, it is often not quite as straight forward as choosing the first item you like the look of buying it and it is guaranteed to hit you in that sweet spot. Not to say that doesn’t ever happen, but it sometimes takes a little more trial and error before you find what works for you. In fact, it is quite easily comparable to alcohol, when you hit that magic age of 18 and you first start drinking, you start to notice what drinks have certain effects on you, how much of each specific drink will have an effect on you, it is never simply as black and white as % of alcohol equals exact specific effect each time.

Some people find inhaling (Vaping) CBD more effective; some people find ingesting CBD effective; some only need 1 pipette of 2000mg CBD oil while another may not feel the effect of a 3000mg CBD oil. It can come down to body weight, hydration, tiredness, size have you eaten amongst many other external factors before you find out really what product is for you. Since oils are the most common way of taking CBD, we recommend starting with our Broad Spectrum 1000mg CBD oil online - named “SUPPORT”. This is a very standard light hemp taste with supporting Vitamin D & COQ10 and is a good starting point for anyone curious about trying CBD. For those that are not overly keen on the cannabis flavour, Dr Watsons has a range of higher strength flavoured oils to mask up the taste!

In Summary

There are clearly some very important and useful benefits of hemp oil products, but there are also clearly two ends to the spectrum when it comes to hemp-based items. There are the serious, well thought out - intended to help items that are the beginnings of a generally more accepting attitude to cannabis-based products. And there are the products that to a certain degree actually entertaining, but unfortunately delegitimise the industry as a whole and the potential hemp oil benefits that may exist.

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