Easy Ways to Prevent Vape Dehydration

Vaping Dehydration

Lots of people find that vaping their CBD is an enjoyable, relaxing and mess free way to introduce it into their body and their lives. Vaping is easy, nicotine free vape liquid is safe and is very discreet too.

But there are a couple of things you should know about vaping. One is the importance of ensuring you remain properly hydrated. So what happens if you get Vape Dehydration?

If you suffer from dry sinuses you have probably been told that using a humidifier helps, as it introduces moisture into the surrounding air to soothe your airways as you breathe. So you might assume that vaping would have a similar effect on your mouth and throat. That's not the case though, as vaping can be somewhat dehydrating. So we are here to answer the question; does vaping dehydrate you?


Why Can Vaping CBD Cause Dry Mouth?

Think that it's odd that vaping can lead to dry mouth or mild dehydration? It's not really. E-liquid, while a liquid, isn't water. E liquids are usually made up of PG (propylene glycol) VG (vegetable glycerine) and flavourings. And when it comes to dehydration PG and VG are the culprits.

Both of these substances are what are known as humectants, which means they adhere to water molecules. So they tend to soak up saliva. Leaving you with a dry mouth and, if you don't take proper action, mild dehydration. Call it vape dehydration if you like.


The Danger of Dehydration

You might think that this vape dry mouth isn't a big deal. And it isn't, as long as you make a conscious effort to stay hydrated. The chances of vape dehydration causing you serious harm are practically non-existent. But it will be unpleasant and, if you keep vaping and failing to hydrate yourself it may lead to mild dehydration symptoms like headaches or dizziness.


Preventing Vape Dehydration.

Vape dehydration, once you know it can be a 'thing' is easy to prevent. Vapers are not going to end up looking like this (remember this episode?, one of the best)



But you should put a little more effort into remaining hydrated when you vape as you might have done before you vaped.

And here's what's great about that. Lots of us simply don't pay attention to our hydration levels and we don't get enough water in general. So if vaping CBD means that you do it's a great thing, as even mild dehydration leads to nasty things like constipation and weight gain (seriously it can.)

So what can you do to combat vape dehydration? Try any or all of these:


Drink More Water

Boring and expected advice for sure, but the truth. The NHS recommends that we all drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, and vapers should aim for more than that. Get into the habit of having water with you at all times.

Buy a cool looking reusable water bottle and use it. Please don't do the disposable plastic water bottle thing as that's TERRIBLE for the environment, and preserving the health of the planet is something we at Dr Watson really care about. Drink from your bottle whenever you feel even the slightest bit thirsty. Hate boring, plain water? Liven it up with some fruit or opt for a low calorie squash or flavoured water enhancer (watch the calories though, some contain a lot)


Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine - along with alcohol - is dehydrating in itself. So watch how much of either you consume when you vape. Caffeine in moderation is fine. In fact starting the day with a good strong cup of coffee and some good deep hits of CBD vape is a wonderful thing. But drink a glass of water too to ensure you avoid vaping dehydration, and the same is true if you are going to vape at the pub. Again, the extra water there will be a good thing all around as you'll drink less booze and lessen the chances of waking up with a terrible hangover in the morning.


Don't Vape When Working Out or When You're Ill

Working out is dehydrating by itself so a puff on a vape will increase that effect. That having been said many athletes do find that CBD is beneficial, but save it for your post workout cool down, along with a big gulp - you guessed it - water!

You should also avoid vaping - or vape less - when you have the flu or other illness that causes fever, vomiting or diarrhea, all things that dehydrate you significantly anyway.


Eat More Watery Fruit

The tasty easy of avoiding vaping dehydration! All fruits contain water, but some are more packed with the stuff than others. For example, scrummy strawberries and tasty watermelon contain 92% water. Peaches contain 87% and so do grapefruits. So eat more fruit to get more water. And more vitamins and lots of other good stuff.

Some veggies are water loaded too. Cucumbers are 96% water, iceberg lettuce 95% and tomatoes 94%, so noshing on a salad loaded with those will keep you hydrated and help you stay slimmer!

Simply put, these preventative steps will protect you from vape dehydration. but stay out of underwater squirrel domes, we can't help you there.

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