CBD Flowers in the UK: What are they? And are they Legal?


The Legal status of CBD worldwide differs greatly from country to country. As the use of CBD has gained traction over the last decade it is anything but simple to know where CBD can legally be bought, grown, and what products are allowed, what legal limits are in the UK, let alone internationally. Here we take a closer look at CBD Flowers in the UK, & are they legal?


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis Sativa L or Hemp. It is used for its general wellness properties and in recent years has been placed in the form of food supplements like CBD oils, CBD Gummies Or CBD Chocolates. Another popular way of intaking CBD is vaping, which in some products cases is meant to imitate or replicate the smoking feeling.


What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is another method of intaking CBD it is probably the closest thing you will get to ‘smoking’ cannabis without getting you high. CBD flower looks feels and smells exactly like the dried herb (marijuana) without getting one high. The flower is often crushed up and then rolled into smoking papers to be lit and smoked in the very traditional sense of smoking. Once lit, the CBD flower lets off the same aromatic sensation that a ‘joint’ would, tasting very similar, without getting you ‘stoned’. But is CBD flower legal in the UK?


Why are CBD Flowers Controversial?

One of the biggest issues of CBD flowers is the similarity/almost identical likeness it has with street marijuana - which is illegal in the UK. While law enforcement officers these days sometimes turn a blind eye to personal use marijuana, it will not always be the case. It would be nearly impossible to tell the different between someone smoking marijuana illegally in public or someone smoking CBD flower. Making law enforcement very confusing for those in power.


Secondly, it is thought that given that the plant has gone through very little processing & extraction, it would be very difficult to ensure that the THC content in CBD flower is kept below the 0.02% threshold or ‘1mg’ per container of flower.


Are CBD Flowers Legal?


The truth of the answer is that it is still actually very unclear. CBD flowers being legal in the UK has been a talking point for a while. Some CBD shops openly sell their flowers in jars without any issues while there have been many stories in the news of some shops that have been visited by the police and had their stocks confiscated. They are also available to buy online in some places.



The Verdict?

While it is still unclear whether buying CBD flower is legal in the UK. At Dr Watson we recommend sticking to what we know is safe, consistent & legal. At Dr Watson we have worked hard to ensure customers get the product they want and need while staying in the legal bounds.


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