CBD Vape Pen Pod System 6% | Starter Kit + 4 Refill Pods Bundle Deal

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Save £20.00 when you buy Dr Watson CBD Pod System Bundle

Dr Watson is introducing bundle packs to help customers get more bang for their buck. This is our CBD Vape Pod System Bundle which consists of your CBD vape pod starter kit & two packs of pods for just £49.99. These Products make great gifts for family members, friends & loved ones.

(A saving of £20.00!)

To choose your colour of device & pod flavours write a note in the comments in check out.

Starter Pack Available Colours:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White

Pod Pack Flavours Available:

Wild Mint

Our wild mint CBD is a blend of several mint, menthol, eucalyptus, and peppermints flavours with terpenes. Without being overpowering it is cool and refreshing, and the OG Kush cannabis terpenes remind you of the real thing. This is the home base pod that you will receive in all of our starter kits

Ice Peach

The Doctor’s favourite: Georgia (USA) is world famous for peaches and has a 150 year heritage for growing the worlds juiciest. Georgia is the home of Dr Richard Watson and where our farms are located.

This delicious flavour is not just juicy and sweet but cool on the draw. Lemon Haze terpenes uplift your taste buds and deliver that Sativa buzz.

Dr Watson CBD Pod Pack Flavours | 6% CBD 240mg per pack | Berry Kush | Amalfi Lemon Haze | Brazilian Mango | Ice Peach | Wild Mint

Amalfi Lemon

We love the Amalfi coast. They make some the best lemons in the world there. Just like a sweet coastal breeze, this zesty lemon flavour will deliver you Italian summer wherever you may be. Subtle Lemon Haze terpenes.

Berry Kush

A unique blend of forest berries and OG Kush. Heavier on the terpenes for those who like the subtle taste of cannabis, but light enough to be enjoyed by those who prefer fruitiness. Rich, powerful, a perfect blend of earthiness and fruit.

Brazilian Mango

This is a tropical paradise of flavour. Mango is the star of the show backed up zesty passion fruit, and Lemon Haze. You won’t find a better Mango e-liquid on the market. This is one of the most popular flavours amongst our users - The mango is strong, as if it were picked straight from the Amazon in Brazil. :)