Amalfi Lemon CBD Vape Pen Pods

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We love the Amalfi coast. They make some the best lemons in the world there. Just like a sweet coastal breeze, this zesty lemon flavour will deliver you Italian summer wherever you may be.  

  • Flavours and natural terpenes
  • 120mg 6% CBD per pod
  • GMP certified US-grown CBD
  • Nicotine free
  • Manufactured in pharmaceutical grade facilities


Why choose Amalfi Lemon Hemp CBD Pod flavour?

Simply put, Italian coastal towns simply have a knack for producing these top quality lovely zesty little things. We know what you're picturing, driving down the coast with the warm Mediterranean sun beating down you in your convertible with these little lemon trees either side of you with the sea calmly lapping down below.

Now, with Dr Watson CBD Hemp Eliquid Pods you can taste that little bit of Italy without biting into a Lemon itself. This Award winning carefully curated CBD Hemp Vape Liquids is one of the best CBD Eliquids in the UK

What flavours and terpenes are in this CBD Eliquid?

The one thing that is sure about this CBD Lemon flavoured pod is that it packs a punch. This blend has been created by a Michelin star chef with a taste for a flavour. With natural lemon flavour and a subtle hint of lime, this CBD Hemp vape liquid has that subtle sharpness you would expect with a good amount of Sweet. The added Lemon Haze Terpenes that are in this blend allow you to have that subtle earthiness taste. Lemon haze is one of the most popular strains of cannabis, and the addition of this famous flavour terpene is noticeable. 

How Long will this pack of pods last me?

With each of our pods being 2 ml in CBD Hemp vape liquid UK, and having 2 per pods per pack, we have known a pack to last a consumer upwards of a month. ultimately there is approximately 450 draws per pod so it depends how frequently you use it. The regular pod systems pod is not as large, so you're getting good value for money in Dr Watson CBD Pod System Starter Kit.

Will the CBD Hemp Vape Pod System Get me high ?

The answer is no, plain and simple. Since the product is made with CBD Isolate, meaning an isolate compound of cannabis, there is no trace of THC in our product (the compound that gets you high). CBD is meant to have some benefits of cannabis without the mind altering state.