Big Hit E-liquid | 25% & 50% Strength

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Dr Watson's best selling product the Big Hit Is now available in a full 10ml E-liquid format. It still remains at 50% concentration packed with cannabinoids. While containing 10 x the amount of liquid in a big hit.

  • Highest concentration cannabinoid vape liquid in the UK
  • For use in your open tank vape
  • Tastes like cannabis | perfect for an authentic experience
  • 25 or 50% concentration |  2500mg / 5000mg
  • Made using GMP grown Swiss hemp extract

Our proprietary blend made with organic Swiss Hemp Extract has been a big hit since launch (pun intended). But we are conscious that some people have vape's that they would rather re-fill, by putting our signature product into an e-liquid bottle we are offering just that. This CBD x CBG Vape E-liquid bottle offers 10 x the amount of liquid that is in a big hit device, providing you plenty more value.


Why shop CBD online with Dr Watson?

Our quality, transparency and affordability combines are second rate to no one. There are so many options out there these days, you will always find a company lacking in one or the other of these 3 traits mentioned above. If the product is affordable beyond belief, you can guarantee it is lacking in quality or shady about where their product comes from and how it is made. 

At Dr Watson we have combined all 3 to find the perfect balance for you. our high quality, affordable and transparent products are perfect for first time users, intermittent users & experienced.

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