CBD has increasingly been in the news across the globe over the past few years. And it's growing in popularity quickly. But CBD use, and CBD itself, are topics that confuse a lot of people. To help clear some of that confusion up we've compiled a list of the answers to the questions people most frequently ask about CBD:

What is CBD?

CBD - scientifically termed cannabidiol - is just one of hundreds of different active chemical compounds that are found in cannabis plants (both marijuana and hemp). The average marijuana plant does contain a considerable amount of it - it's the second most abundant compound found in the plant after THC. The average hemp plant contains around 10%CBD and is generally defined as having less than 0.3% THC, but this differs from country to country. 

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana? 

They are both Cannabis (this is the confusing part). Cannabis is a “genus” (scientific name for a group of species) under a wide family of plants called “Cannabaceae” (nerdy science name). There are several “species” of Cannabis, and Hemp and marijuana are two distinct species ! 

What is the Difference Between THC and CBD?

This is the issue that confuses so many people. THC (“tetrahydrocannabinol”) is the notorious psychoactive constituent, or active compound, in marijuana that produces a euphoric high. In other words, it's what gets you high if you smoke marijuana. For this reason, it has been a controlled substance for many years in most parts of the world. 

To do that it binds with specific receptors in the brain known as CB-1 receptors. These receptors are located across your central nervous system. CBD is a completely different molecule and it cannot bind to CB-1 receptors. Instead, it binds  to CB-2 receptors in the tissues and cells located away from the central nervous system.

So, Does CBD Get You High Or Not?

No, CBD does not get you high. In fact, there is ongoing scientific research that indicates that CBD is antagonistic to THC and may prevent it from binding to receptors in the brain and 'block' a high from THC.

Why Do People Take CBD?

Research is ongoing into the use of CBD but the indications are that it may be suitable for use by a wide range of people. Users have found that it is helpful in supporting balance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We DO NOT make any recommendations or promises that our products can treat, cure or prevent any specific health condition. 

Is CBD Natural?

Yes, CBD is a 100% naturally-occurring chemical compound that is derived directly from the cannabis plant. It is not synthetically created.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD 'works' as it binds itself to the CB2 receptors that move throughout the body's

endocannabinoid system. These are found throughout the body, which explains why it has been found helpful with all kinds of health conditions.

Is CBD Legal?

In the UK, CBD products can be purchased legally by people over the age of 18.

Does using CBD have any side effects?

Most research studies have found that CBD is safe with no known side effects, although some users have reported drowsiness, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, and dry mouth

Is vaping your CBD e liquids safe?

Our CBD e liquids are created to the highest possible safety standards and are as safe to vape as any other high quality e liquid.

Will vaping your CBD e liquids cause a positive drug test result?

That is highly unlikely as the THC level, which a drug test is designed to detect, is 0.0% in our products. You can find our lab certificates for our vape products on our certificate page. Also, our extraction partners have the ability to remove THC completely from the raw ingredients we use. 

Can I use your e liquids when taking prescription medicines?

If you take prescription medicines we strongly recommend that you discuss using CBD e liquid before you do so.

Is it safe to have your products shipped to me?

If you are over the age of 18 and living in the UK all our products can legally be shipped to you and they will be sent in plain, discreet packaging. Your contact information will also be kept secure, and never shared with third parties without your consent.