Pure Base | CBD Vape Additive | 10% Unflavoured

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This 1000mg high strength flavourless vape additive is a great addition to your regular e-liquids.
  • Unflavoured additive
  • GMP certified US-grown CBD
  • Nicotine free
  • Manufactured in ISO Accredited UK facilities
  • Just add approximately 1ml of CBD pure base to every 1-2ml of your regular vape juice to achieve a 5%-3% CBD concentration
  • 10ml Bottle Available in 1000mg

What is Dr Watson CBD Vape Additive for ? 

While vaping initially became popular through nicotine vape liquids as a way to quite smoking cigarettes, many now have started to use it as their way to intake their daily CBD.  Our flavourless vape additive is perfect for adding to a regular CBD Vape liquid to make it stronger, at 10% it is perfect looking for that extra booster. 

The Vape Additive also provides a way for those looking to vape nicotine and CBD at the same time. You can add this unflavoured high strength 1000mg CBD vape juice to your favoured nicotine vape for a perfect blend.


What is superior about the Dr Watson E-liquids?

With the amount of choice of best CBD E-liquids online available to the consumer at the moment, it can sometimes be hard to choose and make your mind up regarding what might be best for you. So let us try and make that choice for you. In a largely unregulated CBD industry, there are many companies and brands that are producing products using inadequate ingredients, production methods or false labelling.

At Dr Watson, all of our CBD vape liquid flavours were put together by a Michelin chef, so good flavour is guaranteed. The CBD Isolate we use in our vape E-liquids come from organic farms based in the US and is extracted in GMP facilities in North Carolina. We use only natural food grade flavourings as well as natural cannabis terpenes. These are used to combine with the CBD Isolate for additional flavour, aroma & efficacy. 

All of our final products are blended and bottled in pharmaceutical grade facilities here in the UK. At Dr Watson we like to make only top quality, effective products, at affordable prices.


Can I use Dr Watson CBD for Anxiety?

CBD for Anxiety is searched almost more frequently than any other term relating to CBD. However none of our products are designed to treat or cure any illnesses or ailments. We strongly suggest you seek medical advice if you are struggling with something

Can I use CBD for Sleep or Pain?

We need to reiterate once more that although we believe in our products and consumers report general wellness improvement. Our products are not designed to treat or cure and illnesses or ailments. Seek medical advice from a professional in these instances.