CBD Vape Pen Pod System

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Starter Pack Contains:
  • 1 Device Battery
  • 1 Wild Mint Pod
  • Charging Cable
  • 1.6Ω ceramic coil
  • Organic Japanese cotton
  • ~2ml Pod
  • 6% 120mg CBD (60mg/ml)
  • 350mah battery

View our Certificate of Analysis for our CBD Pods here

About The CBD Pod System

This was Dr Watson CBD's Inaugural product when the brand was first launched and is one of the UK's only CBD Vape Pod Systems in the UK. The device is only 4.5 inches long and 2 cm wide with a fine matt finish, making it very sleek and subtle and slides very easily into your pocket. The pod flavours that are some of the best CBD Eliquids in the UK - made by a Michelin star chef. If you are looking for CBD Vape UK Online look no further. 

Whats good about the CBD Vape Pod system Starter Kit?

First things first, it takes the hassle out of vaping, Instead of having to refill your tank, change its coil often, and play with fiddly parts, its as simple as putting your favourite flavoured prefilled pod into your battery and you are good to go. This 

Does it work?

We have had hundreds of customers report a general feeling of wellness after using this pod system and helping them with what its intended use is for each individual. Each Pod contains 6% concentration of CBD which is relatively high. In your standard 10ml Eliquid it would be a 600mg. Unlike many other small devices or pod systems, the Draw on this product is strong, the airflow is good so you really get a good hit on your CBD Hemp vape liquid.

How long will a pod last me?

Each Pod has 2ml of liquid, and each pack has 2 pods. This is approximately 4 ml of liquid in a pack of pods. The average pod has typically 350-400 draws in each use. So you can use your CBD pod system throughout the day and not worry about pod replacements anytime soon. Once a Pod is empty, please recycle responsibly.

With a choice of 5 different flavoured pods that are known for being some of the best CBD Eliquids in the UK, there is no other pod system to consider. 

Does the Product taste like weed and will I get high?

This product is made from a tasteless compound called CBD Isolate, which is tasteless. It is then combined with natural flavours and cannabis terpenes to give it a tasty flavour with a subtle earthiness coming from the terpenes. It is a very good product and flavour for the neutral.

How long does a Device Last ?

The Device is intended to go on as long as possible. It is rechargeable and will continue to service your needs until it gets lost or broken (fingers crossed neither happens!). On the off chance anyone receives a faulty device, we will happily replace.

What are the effects of the CBD Vape Pen Pod System and what if i don't feel it?

The effects of CBD are subtle and sometimes hard to notice. Like taking a paracetamol or Vitamin B12, you don't consciously notice the benefits immediately, as they gradually build up over time. People often disregard the benefits of CBD because they do not feel an instant "effect". We recommend taking a few minutes of peace and quite during your day to reflect on your mood and sense of calm while using CBD. We hope that you feel heightened sense of calm and general wellbeing while using our products. Taking a moment to stop, relax, and feel the effects is important. 

What do If I stop feeling the effects of the CBD delivery system over time?

Like many things including, vape e-liquid flavours, paracetamol, or your favourite food, if you have it too much the effects (or enjoyment in foods case) can decrease. This is because your body builds a tolerance for what you are consuming. If our CBD Hemp vape pen pod system feels like its effectiveness is decreasing for you, we recommend trying our Broad Spectrum 50% Big Hit Vape pen :) This is one of the best CBD Vape Eliquids in the UK and it contains the highest levels of CBD and CBG of all Dr Watson CBD products for sale online.