5 Common Myths About CBD Dispelled

To many, the idea of using CBD is one they've just been introduced to. And like anything that is new, but also seems to be everywhere right now, there are as many misconceptions and myths surrounding CBD use as there are facts right now. Some myths, however, are more persistent than others, and it's those that we want to take a few minutes to address here.

CBD Myth #1 CBD Gets You High

This is probably the biggest myth surrounding CBD of all. In some ways it's understandable. People here that CBD comes from cannabis and make that assumption. That, however, is not the case.

The CBD being sold by Dr Watson and other suppliers does not contain THC, the component that produces a euphoric high. Nor is it from marijuana. THC is sourced from hemp, which is in the family as marijuana, but not the same thing at all, as their chemical make up is very different.

Think of it like this; lemons and limes are both citrus fruits but you know they are quite different. Hemp and marijuana are both from the cannabis family, but they too are far from alike.

CBD Myth #2 CBD Comes from Marijuana

While CBD is found in marijuana, the CBD that is sold as a legal supplement is sourced from hemp. Hemp is a crop that has been grown for thousands of years and put to all kinds of uses. In addition, it's a very sustainable crop, meaning that the impact that it's growth for use by the growing CBD industry has a minimal impact on the environment.

CBD Myth #3 CBD Puts You To Sleep

The fact is that CBD affects people in lots of different, and even unique, ways, but few report that it 'puts them to sleep'. Some users do find it relaxes them while others report that it helps them feel more alert mentally and better able to focus.

The fact is that the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, the neuromodulator system in your body that CBD interacts with, runs throughout the central nervous system and so CBD has the capability to affect all kinds of bodily functions, both mental and physical, and how it affects you may not be the same as other people.

CBD Myth #4 The Larger the Dose, the Better the Effect

There are people who think that if they take more of something its effect will be greater. Like those who take four aspirins instead of the recommended two because they think it will cure their headache faster. It doesn't though.

The perfect dosage of CBD varies according to their weight, height, physiology and the way their unique endocannabinoid system works. We suggest starting small and adjusting dosages until you find just the right one for you.

CBD Myth #5 All CBD Products are Created Equal

If only this were true, and every CBD product with crafted with the same high quality and attention to safety and purity, but sadly that is not always the case. It's very important to do your research and purchase CBD products from a trusted company that is known for adhering to the highest quality standards.

So, if you have experienced a low-quality CBD product that hasn’t worked for you in the past, don’t give up yet. Try a higher quality offering and give it another go.

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