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Welcome to Dr. Watson, where nature's finest meets targeted wellness. Dive into a world of premium CBD Products, functional mushrooms, and luxurious Manuka honey remedies—all meticulously crafted to elevate your well-being. Discover the power of holistic health solutions, tailored to help you activate life.

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Natural healing

The history of natural remedies spans millennia, rooted in the traditional healing practices of ancient civilizations. In todays age of prescription pain killers, mass anxiety and social media addictions we believe these secrets have been forgotten. Our passion for CBD products is to rediscover & share natures secrets.

We want to empower you to activate your best life by harnassing the power of nature. Each ingredient carries a rich historical significance and has been carefully selected to promote various aspects of well-being.

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Imagine taking a step into ancient China, where the courts of Emperor Shen Nung whispered about a remarkable herb called CBD, also known as the "Balancing Elixir". Experience the harmony that resonates through your body and mind as you journey into the timeless embrace of Eastern serenity. This ancient wisdom can be found in the tranquility of CBD.

Let's travel back in time to the Tang Dynasty in ancient China, where the elusive Lion's Mane mushroom was a source of fascination for wise monks. Imagine the mist-shrouded forests where this revered fungi thrived, inspiring awe and wonder among those who encountered it. According to legends, Lion's Mane was believed to enhance cognitive abilities and expand awareness, making it an integral part of ancient wisdom. This enigmatic mushroom has a rich history, and celebrates nature's genius intertwined with the brilliance of the mind.

In the Han Dynasty, Reishi mushroom was considered the "Mushroom of Immortality" and was a revered delicacy among the emperors. Legends abound of secret elixirs and the pursuit of eternal youth. There were stories of emperors who consumed it in their quest for everlasting life. Reishi essence is believed to possess rejuvenating properties that capture the mystical appeal of this fungus.

Travel through the sun-drenched landscapes of Australia and discover the stories of the Aboriginal tribes who revered the revitalizing properties of eucalyptus leaves. Imagine the ancient ceremonies where the aromatic branches were used to cleanse and invigorate both the body and mind. This captivating tale offers the refreshing embrace of eucalyptus, inspired by the wisdom of the Aboriginal people, that invigorates and uplifts the senses.

In ancient Egypt, chamomile had a significant role as it was not only used as a remedy but also as an offering to the sun god Ra. The wise healers created soothing potions of tranquility by weaving chamomile into the fabric of ancient rituals. You can now experience the serenity of chamomile, taking you on a timeless journey through the soothing traditions of Egypt's sun-soaked landscapes.

Take a journey through the vibrant markets of Southeast Asia and experience the various senses that awaken within you. Ginger, the precious gift from the gods, is the reigning ingredient that brings warmth and vitality to the region. Imagine yourself getting infused with the fascinating stories about ginger's history, a divine essence that ignites energy and enthusiasm.

Discover the secrets of the revitalizing yuzu fruit, whispered by ancient East Asia. Experience vibrant festivals where yuzu's uplifting aroma fills the air, inspiring joy and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in the lively narrative of yuzu, capturing the essence of its centuries-old celebration that infuses your life with zest and vigor.

Imagine yourself walking through the moonlit gardens of ancient Greece and Rome, where valerian root was used to help people sleep and find peace. The soothing effects of valerian will take you on a magical journey through the world of dreams, guided by the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine.

Emerge the "*Indian Ginseng*," restoring balance and vitality. Immerse yourself in the mystical aura of ashwagandha, a journey into the heart of Ayurvedic traditions where ancient wisdom unfolds to activate a vibrant and resilient life.

Step into the vibrant spice markets of ancient India, where turmeric, known as the "Golden Goddess," reigned supreme. Legends spoke of its radiant hue and the stories of warriors using it for strength and resilience, infusing their spirit with the golden essence of vitality. This esteemed spice, with a rich history spanning over 4,000 years, embodies the essence of ancient spice trade and wellness traditions, making a timeless contribution to holistic well-being.

In the mist-shrouded mountains of ancient China, the ginseng plant was considered a treasure that was fiercely guarded by mythical creatures. The whispers of tribes who believed in its health benefits still echo through time, as consuming ginseng was believed to bestow vigor and longevity. Allow these ancient whispers to become tales of renewed vitality that activate your life with new energy.

Manuka honey, renowned for its unique healing properties, has a rich history rooted in the native flora of New Zealand. The honey derives from the nectar of the Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium), which has been traditionally used by the indigenous Maori people for its medicinal benefits.

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Ecologi loves trees, we love hemp: one of earths most sustainable plants! Making us a perfect match

Everyone knows running a business has its costs, but many just think of the financial implications. We know even working in a green industry all business leaves a carbon footprint. So we wanted to become a climate postive workforce.

For every employee we have, we commit a certain number of trees to be planted each month and commit towards some amazing projects Ecologi are working on. So far we have a proud forest of over 10,000 trees and counting!

On top of this, we will plant an extra tree for every online order we receive so you know that when you use Dr Watson, you are contributing to a good cause!

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